We haven’t forgotten about the blog! Spoiler alert… We are home, I found a job, and life has been busy. 

We absolutely plan on finishing the trip blog, complete with photos, before we forget all of the juicy details. Stay tuned!

Eugene, OR

The drive from Crescent City was wild and beautiful! US-199 was a crazy, winding road, but the views were spectacular. We came across a gorgeous river, and when I say gorgeous, I mean squeal with delight and oooooo and aaahhhhh until husband gets your not so subtle hints and pulls over. We found a perfect pull off, just big enough to fit our rig, and jumped out to squeal some more and really take in the remarkable beauty of this river. The color of the water reminded me of the Carribbean Sea, it had a current that energized the air, and the sound of the rushing water soothed me to the core. We decided it was the perfect place to make some lunch before finishing our route. Continue reading

The Majestic Redwoods

We had an easy-going departure from the rest stop and drove up US-101 to Orick, CA. While the GPS said that it should be a three-hour (-ish) drive, the winding ups and downs of the road made for much slower driving and probably added another hour to the drive. As we got closer to Orick we had more views of the beautiful Pacific Ocean and the surf. We finally reached the Kuchel Visitor Center in the Redwood National Park to pick up the junior ranger booklets and learn more about the park. Continue reading