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It’s hard to believe that we have been living and traveling in our bus for one month already. There were so many snafus, so many delays just trying to get going on this trip. It felt like we were cursed and that it just wasn’t going to happen. I truly did not believe it until Kitt pulled up in the bus at my parents house to pick the kids and me up. Once we were driving, it was exhilarating!! Finally, realizing a dream! So, what is it like living in a bus with three young kids and traveling around? Well, it’s pretty great most of the time. Sometimes it’s frustrating, and sometimes it just feels normal.

The beginning of the trip was a blur of activity and movement just making our way south as quickly as possible. There was a fair bit of adjustment for everyone, but I have to say, the kids surprised me… in the most wonderful way. They took to bus life much faster than I had expected and have rolled with all of the changes in plans on the road. I think we’ve all been surprised at how quickly this has become our normal and the bus has become “home”.

For the most part, the space does not feel small. We are still rearranging as we figure out what things we need accessible and what things can be stored in the storage bays. It has truly been like moving into a new home. We’ve even done some home repair and decor projects along the way. It’s beginning to feel less like a vacation and more like a new lifestyle. And I think once we leave Florida, it will really feel like an adventure!