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IMG_9792Amarillo, Texas gets a bad rap. It is true that it can be very windy and because of that, very dusty and in some places there is garbage strewn around. Kind of like recycling day back home. There is a strange occurrence in our ‘hood that every time recycling day rolls around the wind picks up. It’s obnoxious! But I digress. We enjoyed our brief visit to Amarillo filled with unique experiences. 

First up was the Jack Sisemore RV Museum. This is a true hidden treasure. Tucked behind an RV shop, is a man’s personal collection of RVs dating back to the earliest of travel trailers. The museum is free (!!!) and the family has collected a number of very unique campers and motorhomes. Some of Kitt’s favorites are the 1976 FMC motorhome and the 1948 Flxible. The FMC is said to be the first motorhome with a rear engine and was previously owned by cosmetic company icon Max Factor Jr. The Flxible was used in the Robin Williams movie RV. Not noted on the museum website is the collection of Harley Davidson motorcycles, including at least one motorcycle that isn’t even in the Harley Davidson’s own archives.

Next, we headed to the Cadillac Ranch with a couple of cans of spray paint. Smack dab in the middle of a great big field of dirt on the side of historic Route 66 (now I-40), are ten Cadillacs with their noses buried in the dirt. This unusual sight was an artistic endeavor from the Ant Farm in 1974. Nowadays, people come from all over to view, photograph, and graffiti the cars. Graffiti is encouraged on this continually changing community art project. The kids (and Mom and Dad too!) had a great time laying some paint down on these old cars!

Our last outing while in Amarillo was Palo Duro Canyon State Park, the Grand Canyon of Texas. Remarkably beautiful and awe inspiring sights. It was a very hot day and the air was so dry. We brought a lot of water, but it was just enough to get us through our hike. We had a great time imagining what it was like to be a cowboy in the canyon long ago. We were grateful for the cowboy hats the kids had picked up in Fort Worth. They needed the sunshade that day!!

Goodnight, AmarilloWe enjoyed our stay in Amarillo!