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IMG_9809Sometimes a place just fits, like an old pair of blue jeans. That was Los Alamos for us. We came to this area to visit my friend who I met when I was pregnant with Dooder. She is a world class pregnancy yoga instructor. (Ok, I made up the world class part, but she should be….she is that AMAZING!!!) She was invaluable to me during that pregnancy, not just for the physical strains, but also the fears and emotions I had in the early part of that pregnancy.

It is rare that I meet someone who, in their professional life, has truly found their calling. There is absolutely no doubt that Christa is doing the work she is meant to do. Her classes are fun, relaxing, and so individually tailored that each person walks away feeling as if the class was designed just for them. Now, that is a gift!! If you are lucky enough to be pregnant and live in Los Alamos, drop everything and go take a yoga class with Christa, at Sphere Mama Yoga. You will not be disappointed!

We had just begun a friendship outside of the yoga classroom when she moved to New Mexico. I knew if we were ever in the area we would try to visit, so when we were deciding where to go after Dallas, I got in touch. “So Christa, I know it’s last minute, but are you up for a visit end of this week?” The lack of notice and the fact that it was Easter weekend did not seem to phase her. “I’d love to see you guys!” How awesome is she???

On Saturday morning we met them at their town Easter egg hunt. It’s was over in about 45 seconds, but the kids had fun.

We walked around Los Alamos and Christa told us a little about the area, being sure to point out the many ways that it’s a very family friendly place to live. We went to the Bradbury Science Museum first. This was a very informative and highly interactive museum dedicated to preserving the history of the Manhattan Project and exploring the scientific discoveries that came from it. And admission was FREE!! We learned about this super secret place, a town whose name was not spoken and did not exist on paper. We learned about the young group of scientists that were brought here to develop the first atomic bomb. And we learned that it continues today to be a place of scientific discovery. After sharing some pizzas in town, our friends had to head home but invited is to come over and stay for dinner.

We decided to first explore the town a bit more and came across a community chalkboard. I immediately thought of my sister-in-law who has a number of chalkboards in her house and yard where she writes seasonal and inspirational messages. I love her chalkboard art and the bright and beautiful messages she writes. You can see them here and here. I do not have that artistic gift, but I love the idea, so I gave it a try along side my little loves.

IMG_9837Next we stopped at Starbucks and soon struck up conversation with a couple of scientists. They’re everywhere! Los Alamos gives off the vibe of a hippie community of scientists. Our friend had told us that it was a very safe place with a 1950s feel, and that was evident in the slower pace and familiarity of the locals. Our young scientist, Yay Yay, really enjoyed hearing the stories of discovery and lessons in perseverance that one experienced scientist shared with us. We thoroughly enjoyed wandering around Los Alamos!

We picked up some wine and side dishes and headed to their house which backs up to a canyon. We had another Easter egg hunt in their back yard then headed into the canyon. We had a great time hiking and exploring the small caves, but the boys, by far, had the best time digging for treasure. We had come across a large mound of packed dirt with a large “X” dug into it. That was all it took for the digging to commence! Anything hard that they struck went into a treasure cup. I have no doubt that if it wasn’t dusk and dinner wasn’t ready, they would have found a great bounty of gold!

We worked up an appetite and came in to eat. There was great conversation, lots of chaos and noise, and an abundance of laughter. The families had bonded and we couldn’t wait to see them the next day!