We arrived at the KOA in Tucson, Arizona late in the day. One of the first things we noticed after parking the bus was that we had a tree on our campsite that had lemons on it…lots and lots of lemons! We were so excited!! The first thing we did was head to the office to ask if it was ok to pick the lemons. 

After getting their bags, they were super excited about spotting their first Saguaro cactus!

She gave us a citrus picker and a bag for each of the kids. The citrus picker is a long pole with a grabber on the end. She told us that the lemon trees have very long, sharp thorns and if you grab the lemons with your hands, the thorns will rip through your skin. That was warning enough for us…we used the tool!

There were both lemon and grapefruit trees, and we were invited to pick from any empty campsites. We had so much fun running from site to site picking fruit. The kids filled their bags, then had a citrus picnic. Delightful!

Just hanging out eating lemons

SOME of their pickins!