About Us

5 people, 1 cat, and a 300 square foot house on wheels. This is about our great family adventure. An adventure we had hoped to take in a few years, but when all signs pointed to go, we went. We don’t plan very far ahead, and sometimes that puts us in a pickle, but mostly it has allowed us the freedom to live in the present and experience things we may have otherwise been too busy to do. Life threw us some big hardships over the past year that reinforced how unpredictable life can be. We are embracing this precious time we have together as a family while our children are young. We may not know where we’re going, but we’re on our way, and we’re going to enjoy the ride… together!

IMG_9465Kitt- bus driver, mechanic, tech support, finder of authentic local cuisine, history and geography teacher, chef

Megan- peace keeper, story reader, boo boo kisser, house cleaner, writer, baker, cuddler, organizer, worrier

Yay Yay, age 8 – joke teller, scientist, biker, gamer, bird expert, early riser, reader, leader of the kids club

IMG_4637Dooder, age 4 – snuggle bunny, diamond miner, giggle monster, newly independent swimmer, T1D super hero

Cake, age 3 – singer, story teller, patience tester, climber, brother adorer, friend maker, I can do it myself!-er