Stretching our comfort zone

We left the SKP park in Coarsegold a little later than we expected. While winding our way out of the park we ran into some of the friends we had made during our short stay there and stopped for a chat. Certainly some of the better parts of this trip, if I haven’t said it already, are the wonderful people we’ve met and the conversations we’ve had. So then the people and conversations become part of the trip – something we stop or slow down for, destinations and deadlines be damned. Continue reading

Yosemite National Park – Part 1

Yosemite 001We left the park in Chino for the roughly five hour drive to Coarsegold, CA. We figured that after we drove through Fresno we wouldn’t see any big grocery stores, so we stopped right in Fresno at Target – Megan’s favorite. She took the kids in tow for groceries and a few other items while I did some tidying up and figured out how we’d get out of the parking lot. It was also a nice break to stretch my legs. While I waited I had a few people come up to me and comment on how awesome the bus was, ask how big it was, and even if it was any different to drive than a “regular” motorhome. No-one asked who was inside, so I didn’t have to say “Kid Rock” or “that new punk/grunge band ‘Three Screaming Kids’ – have you heard of them?” Continue reading